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Lee Marie Dashti, MBA, RYT is a Transformational Life Coach and the creator of The Wilding Experience retreats who offers powerful virtual and in-person coaching experiences and partnerships for individuals and groups. She supports growth seekers to live skillfully and consciously and take inspired action to create lives full of freedom, joy and purpose - lives they love living. Her mission is to create a more peaceful, loving world activated by the ripple of one inner truth and love journey at a time.

In her coaching practice, she guides clients through transformational journeys to become more self-aware to break through the stories, fears and blindspots that are blocking their connection with their highest selves. From a new space of clarity and confidence, anchored in inner peace and self-acceptance, her clients are empowered to take aligned, expansive action on path to create whatever it is that is calling them.


With an approach that combines modern psychology, mindset and mindfulness techniques with ancient philosophies and spiritual influence, Lee employs a wide variety of tools to personalize her work for her clients' particular needs. Her methodologies, including transformative learning, are unique and intuitive, and her coaching style is challenging yet loving - layering in teacher, mentor, spiritual guide, business partner or big sister as needed. She also partners with a handful of carefully chosen healers, educators and wellness experts to broaden and deepen her clients' experiences.

Lee specializes in supporting persons* with a variety of goals - creating a fulfilling career, designing an aligned life, cultivating a lifestyle of holistic health, developing the capacity for unconditional self-love, etc. She integrates the inner work - grounded in self-discovery and awareness - and outer work - achieving personal goals - together for lasting positive shifts and maximum results.


*As an individual devoted to raising the collective vibration through personal development, Lee is committed to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion across all of her offerings and making this work as accessible as possible to any person who desires it.



A self-identified recovering type-A, overachieving perfectionist, Lee is a former corporate professional whose experience includes 15 years in the healthcare and wellness industries. Most recently, she worked for SoulCycle Inc, leading marketing strategy for the Los Angeles Metro Area. Previously, she spent six years leading business development for the Neurology and Neurosurgery units of NewYork-Presybeterian Hospital, the medical center affiliated with two Ivy League medical schools, Columbia University and Weill Cornell Medicine.


Lee graduated as co-valedictorian with a Master of Business Administration - Healthcare Concentration from Monmouth University. She also holds a dual Bachelor of Arts in Public and Urban Affairs and Political Science from Virginia Tech.  


In 2017, Lee was called to complete her 200-hour yoga teacher training, which was pivotal in her life as it deepened her physical and spiritual practice and introduced her to key eastern philosophies and concepts which have significantly influenced her way of life.


Lee has completed over 10 years of consistent formal leadership training and personal development, including extensive work with the renowned Landmark Worldwide organization as a significant part of her personal path of accelerated growth and transformation.


Staunchly committed to living at the fullness of her potential to create a meaningful life and support others to do the same, Lee continues to work closely with her own mentors, healers and life coaches so that her own growth may positively impact the lives of all those in her sphere of influence. She has also completed and is perpetually participating in various certifications and studies in psychology, consciousness and spirituality, coaching and facilitator trainings, plant medicine ceremonies and ancient healing rituals and a devoted daily yoga and meditation practice, all inspired by guides and teachers from around the world.



Lee has enjoyed the blessing and privilege of supporting 1,000+ people, spanning across 3 continents, virtually and in-person, in workplaces, homes, educational settings, yoga studios and individually. She’s served college students, corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, athletes, creatives, spiritual leaders, philanthropists, homemakers, retirees, parents - all growth-minded individuals committed to exploring and expanding more deeply into who they truly are to make a massive impact on this shared life experience.


Hailing from the US East Coast, Lee lived most of her corporate conventional life in New York City, and in 2017, honored her inner hippie to enjoy life in Santa Monica, California. In 2021, listening to her intuition’s call for a simplified, gentle lifestyle, with two bags and a laptop, Lee boldly moved to the small beach town of Sayulita, Mexico and became an expatriate. No longer would she defer the life she dreamt of in exchange for convention and perceived security; instead, she created an external reality from which she didn’t want to escape, reflective of her inner journey of self-acceptance, freedom and peace.


Now an international digital nomad, Lee uses her intentionally designed lifestyle to nourish her free-spirited, adventurous soul, feeding it expansive new horizons, connection with other open-minded, kind-hearted humans and a daily dose of awe and wonder. She chooses to live in warm, wild, beautiful places where she can continuously convene with nature and the teachings in abundance, harmony and peace it provides.


Undeniably charged by the sun, fiery Aries Lee has created an endless summer lifestyle to support her true purpose to radiate light, reflect truth and experience life at the level of soul. Through the joys and challenges of her “transformational travel” experiences, Lee has come to deepen her spiritual connection to know home is an anchored place within her heart where God also resides.


Conscious movement, including yoga, trail walking/running, ocean swimming, surfing and dancing, is a key facet of her life, imparting free flowing energy, mental stillness and connection to soul. Otherwise, she can be found reflecting in nature, singing to music, cooking and breaking bread, engaging in thoughtful conversation and laughing with loved ones. She is committed to showing up in the world everyday embodying “powdery power” and a lifestyle of "structured flow" - her take on the balance of feminine and masculine energies.


Certified Women's Circle & Leadership Facilitator, 50-hour, She Grows (Virtual, 2022)

Landmark Education Personal Development & Leadership Training 

Assisting Program (NYC/LA/Virtual, 2015-22)

Communication & Advanced Communication Courses (LA, 2018-19)

Self Expression & Leadership Program (NYC, 2015)

Advanced Course (NYC, 2013)

Integrity Seminar (NYC, 2012)

Landmark Forum (NYC, 2012)


Registered Yoga & Meditation Teacher (RYT), 200-hour, Yoga Vida (NYC, 2017)


Master of Business Administration (MBA), Monmouth University, Healthcare Concentration (NJ, 2012)

Co-Valedictorian, Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honor Society

Bachelor of Arts, Virginia Tech, Public and Urban Affairs, Political Science (VA, 2005)

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