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Transformational Life Coach

WELCOME a space of discovery, growth and creation. A clearing for freedom, joy and purpose. Whether you’re soul searching, in transition or have that undeniable feeling that there's something more to your life, your curiosity landed you here. Kudos for this courageous step. 


Life doesn't have to feel like a wheel-spinning struggle with fleeting moments of happiness, success and fulfillment. If you’re stuck in monotony. mediocrity or patterns of indecision, self-doubt or inaction, I’m here to tell you that there’s another way. 
What I’m present to is the opportunity to trade default living for intentional living. Rarely taught in education and upbringing, the combined mindfulness, mindset and spiritual modalities in which I specialize have a massive influence on your ability to freely create a skillful, meaningful and enjoyable experience of life - at home, in the workplace, wherever you roam.


I hold space for your transformation by challenging your thinking with powerful insights to shift your perspectives and empower access to your true self. Your role is to apply these distinctions to tune inward, reprogram your mind, open your heart and trust your intuition to take inspired action where you are called - as a way of life.


Through your consistent practice and with my support, together, we bridge the gap from where you are now to your expanded possibilities and wildest dreams - where your spirit is free and home. 


It’s an honor to meet you along your path. Take a deep breath, smile and let’s hit “Play.”


I’m a dynamic former business professional with a passion for self-discovery, self-actualization and well-being, all of which I bring to my role as a professional coach. A born leader and challenger, my arrival in this space via life design affirms my calling. Through my own path of personal transformation and training, I’ve come full circle, now serving persons like you who desire accelerated growth.


A lifelong learner and practitioner of everything from positive psychology and holistic health to yoga philosophy and spiritual laws, I’m committed to continuously advancing myself so that I can support you at the deepest, most effective level, leaving you with permanent access to deep inner joy, personal freedom and fulfillment for your life.






For individuals who are ready to dig deep and be in massive action to cause personal transformation and gain the power to create their lives. Practice mastery in moving past fears, clearing constraining stories and being decisive and confident. This one-on-one journey takes place through a 4 or 6 month partnership.


Group Coaching

For individuals who are looking for an entry point into accelerated growth and personal development. Quarterly coaching groups of up to 4 likeminded persons who support each other while gaining deeper self-awareness and new tools to address their blocks and achieve their personal goals.

Accountability Coaching

For individuals who are desirous of creating a consistent mindfulness practice on path to building a lifestyle of self-regulation. A personalized package which can include themed affirmations, meditations and journal prompts for stillness, clarity, inspiration and much more.

Large Groups & Corporate Wellness

For teams who are looking to transform with a common language and shared toolkit, including integrity, ownership, effective communication, inspired action and creative power. These take the form of customized workshops, lectures and one-on-one coaching packages for workplace, educational and personal settings.



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“Lee teaches effective techniques to get you from where you are to where you want to be. She helped me dive deep and address many aspects of my life. I created an aligned career path, self love and a mindful way of living. I’ve been able to let go of what no longer serves me and by setting boundaries, make room for new people and opportunities to come into my life. Through coaching with Lee, I’ve grown exponentially - I’ve gone miles further in my journey than I would have on my own.”

N.L., Private Client





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